Babyzen Yoyo Stroller Review

Alright guys, if you follow me on Instragram you know I have been looking for a new stroller and I got SO many great recommendations! In the end, I went with the Babyzen Yoyo and we are super happy with it. I wanted to do a little review in case anyone else is looking into buying it. We ended up getting the Air France edition because we liked the navy color, but they have many lovely colors to choose from.



The biggest pro for me with the Yoyo, and why it outdid the Cybex Eezy S (which was also a contender) is it’s stability. For a collapsible stroller, it feels super sturdy when you are pushing it around. The handlebar on the Cybex tended to move a bit too much for my liking, where as the Yoyo stays still as you push it, which was unexpected for a travel stroller.

We also liked the weight of the stroller since it’s the lightest of the ones we looked at (6.2kg) which is crucial for city living. I am constantly lifting the stroller on and off the train with Asahi in it, carrying it up stairs, and folding it and carrying it that way so having it be super light is so helpful. The combination of being lightweight and stable allows you to push the stroller with one hand as well which is very convenient.


The Yoyo also folds up incredibly small (famously as small as hand luggage on an airplane) and because of that it sits neatly in our genkan without a problem. If your building doesn’t allow you to keep strollers outside your home this would be a huge selling point I think! Our does but we already have our larger stroller sitting out there! HA!


Even though the Yoyo is supposed to be used from 6 months on, they do have car seat adapters and an infant seat you can purchase separately. I didn’t mind this since I figured with our next baby I would be using a baby carrier and then pushing Asahi in the stroller anyways. The Babyzen also has a board you can buy for your toddler to stand on so we might invest in that as well!


One of the only small cons for me with the Yoyo is it is slightly low for me and the handlebars do not adjust. The height is 103cm I believe, which I’m sure is plenty comfortable for most people. But, since I am so tall (183cm) it is just barely high enough for me. After a few times taking it out though I have gotten used to it and it’s not such a problem anymore!

The other small change I would make is to allow the seat to fully sit up. As you can see from the picture, Asahi can’t sit up completely in the Yoyo like he can in our Nuna Mixx2. He doesn’t seem to mind too much but sometimes he does sit up by himself and pull the backing up off the seat which scares me a little bit! He cannot fall out of course but I think he would enjoy being able to sit all the way up. I’m going to look into buying a crossbar for him so he can hold on while we walk around. I’m not sure Babyzen makes these officially but I have seen some on Amazon JP that I’m looking in to.


General Opinion

Overall, I’m loving it! I have been using it pretty much every day since we got it and I find it so easy and convenient to take on the train and around town. If you live in Tokyo (or anywhere really!) and want a super lightweight stroller to use for shopping, walks, and general use, this is an outstanding option. I think having the Babyzen Yoyo and a jogging stroller for long walks/runs would be the best combination. If you’re in Tokyo especially and considering a stroller, I would highly recommend it!


How to Buy

You can purchase the Babyzen Yoyo at multiple retailers in Tokyo. We bought ours at Blossom39 in Tokyu Plaza, Ginza. There is also a location in Daikanyama. They also carry Cybex and Buggaboo strollers so it’s a great place to go to compare brands. Here’s there website.

Amazon JP also sells the Babyzen Yoyo but the prices are quite expensive and the sellers might not be legit. I would recommend buying from a store to make sure you get a warranty etc.

The Yoyo is of course more expensive in Japan than the US and Europe. If you are living or traveling there, it might be a good time to purchase it. Here’s are some links to the Air France version on US Amazon and the Air France website

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