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Twins in Tokyo: Which double stroller should you buy?

Buying a stroller can be a difficult process, even for just one baby! But buying a double stroller, especially when you live in a condensed city like Tokyo, can feel like an impossible task. Before buying my double stroller, I did a lot of research on the available options and asked in my local twin […]

Vaginal Birth or C-Section? Pros and Cons for Both

I’ve actually thought about writing on this topic since I found out I was pregnant with twins. I knew that a multiples pregnancy increased my chance for a c-section and since I’ve already had a vaginal birth, I wondered if I would be in a position to be able to write it. Well, here we […]

Mirai and Taishi’s 10 Month Update

As we enter the spring season it’s starting to hit me how close these babies are to being a year old! Despite a few colds and tummy issues, the last couple of months have been busy with several transitions and developments, particularly in the realm of sleep and eating. I’ll start with our daily schedule […]

Mirai and Taishi’s 8 Month Update

I feel like once a baby hits 6 months it feels like they are oh so close to a year old…but then there are still 6 whole months left until they get there and it actually takes a long time? Does that make any sense? Anyway! Mirai and Taishi are 8 months old and basically […]

6 Months with Twins! – Mirai and Taishi’s Baby Update

We made it to 6 months! This year feels as though everything has happened and also nothing has…I can’t believe we’ve had the twins in our life for half a year already. I think I can finally say we are on somewhat of a schedule (although the two of them are hardly in sync ha!) […]

Mirai and Taishi’s 4 Month Update

4 months and we’ve hit the milestone in everyone’s nightmares when they think about taking care of infants. For us, I can’t say it has gotten too bad yet but then again I am probably just used to wakeful nights by this point! M and T are growing well and really starting to show their […]

Mirai and Taishi’s 2 Month Update

2 months old (or 2.5 as I am writing this) and we are slowly but surely making our way out of the newborn stage! I know I should be savoring every moment, and I am trying my best to, but the newborn stage is hard enough with one baby let alone two. I wanted to […]

My C-Section Recovery

I recently delivered my twins via a scheduled c-section and thought it may be helpful for those if you who may be preparing for one as well. In my birth story I talk at length about the experience of the actual surgery but here I want to share more about the recovery process. A big […]

Mirai and Taishi’s Twin Birth Story

This birth story starts much differently than my last one. The effects of COVID-19 can be seen across that world, and Tokyo is no exception. In my third trimester update, I wrote about my feelings on giving birth alone, something I, nor many people I know, ever thought they would have to do. And yet […]

Preparing to Give Birth Alone During COVID-19

As many of you who follow me know, I am pregnant with twins (35 weeks and 3 days when I am writing this) and I am preparing to give birth during the COVID-19 crisis. I personally know many people who are in this same situation, in Japan and abroad. In Tokyo, the vast majority of […]

Why choose natural childbirth + my tips for once you have

i standon the sacrificesof a million women before methinkingwhat can I doto make this mountain tallerso the women after mecan see farther legacy – rupi kaur Natural childbirth, just like breastfeeding, was never something I imagined myself becoming so passionate about until I actually experienced it for myself. It seems that, at least in the […]

Twin Pregnancy Second Trimester Update (Weeks 13-28)

As I sit down to write this, I am 29 weeks pregnant and officially in the third trimester! Before I forget everything, I want to talk a bit about how second trimester went during my twin pregnancy. Right around 12 weeks pregnant is when the nausea began to clear for me and I felt like […]


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