My Baby Carrier Collection

Hey all! I wanted to write a bit about my baby carrier collection because it’s definitely grown this year! I’ve used all of my carriers for different reasons, seasons, and stages of my baby’s life so I want to chat a bit about that too! Babywearing is a part of my daily life here in Tokyo so I like having quite a few options to choose from. All of these products are ones that I love and would recommend, but I’ve definitely gotten more use out of some over others.

Pikimama Sling

First off, I want to talk about my newest addition to my collection, the Pikimama sling! Pikimama is run by a local mom in Tokyo and I have been LOVING this sling! It is honestly my new favorite, even more so than the Ergo! This sling slips on over your arms and head and doesn’t require any tying which I love! You can also wear the sling over your clothes while you are out and then pop baby in if you ever need to. Now that Asahi is walking, I am constantly out at parks and if I don’t have a stroller then I don’t have a place to put my baby carrier. I love being able to just wear it over my clothes instead of having it drag in the dirt like my Ergo. The Pikimama sling also folds up super small so I can just have it in my backpack if I am taking the stroller out. It is comfortable to wear even with my 10kg one year old and the owner even carries her two year old in it! If you have a toddler this would actually be an excellent addition to your baby carrier collection because it folds up small enough to go in your bag, but would give you much needed support if you suddenly had a sleepy kid on your hands. Another great feature is the seat wrap fabric (not pictures) which you can tie under baby’s bum for even more support.The sling comes in different sizes as well to ensure you get the right fit. Pikimama has so many beautiful colors and patterns. The one in the photo is the navy color in their winter special fleece fabric so it’s super warm and cozy. Check out Pikimama’s Facebook to find out how you can order your own!


Solly Baby Wrap

This is the first carrier I ever bought and I actually got it when I was pregnant. I’ve done a detailed review of this wrap in a previous blog post but I will just say that I found this wrap to be quite useful in the early days. It can be used from day 1 with no adjustments which I appreciated. It’s also very soft and breathable, unlike many wraps, so it’s perfect for the warmer weather. I like this wrap for young babies, but since my son started walking I haven’t used it much because I find that it stretches out a lot when I take him in and out of it, and because it’s so long it isn’t the easiest to retie while out and about. I do however find it very comfortable and supportive to wear even for longer times. Many people are intimidated by wraps because they don’t know how to tie them but once you practice a few times it becomes quite easy! However, I think in the future I would choose my Pikimama sling over this one because I don’t have to tie it and it has the same feel on the body.

Asahi is only one week old in this photo! This is our first time out of the house!

Ergo Baby 360 Structured Carrier

ErgoBaby is a super popular brand in Japan and for good reason. Their products are well made, comfortable for parent and baby, and last a long time. However, they do come with a price! I did an in depth review of my Ergo compared to my Solly baby wrap here so you can read that if you want to know more about my opinion. I will say though that the Ergo is probably my most used carrier this year. I got it when Asahi was about one month old and I used it with the newborn insert and still use it now. For me, it’s the most comfortable carrier if you need to carry baby for a long time and it’s still the fastest to get baby in and out of. It’s also my husband’s preferred carrier since he can carry my son forward facing. My only con for the Ergo is that it is a bit bulky and doesn’t lie well under clothes which starts to be a problem come winter. Since winter is coming up and I am using my stroller more, I haven’t been using the Ergo as much (the Pikimama sling has been my go to!) but it’s still one of my favorite carriers and looks just as good now as it did a year ago when I bought it. Here’s the link to the one I have, but they don’t make the blue color anymore FYI.



Pura Vida Ring Sling

This is my summer sling! It gets SUPER hot and humid in Tokyo in the summer and this sling is perfect! It is made from very breathable bamboo fabric. It also goes well with summery outfits like dresses. I loved using it instead of the Ergo in the summer because it was more breathable and the fabric was nicer against mine and Asahi’s skin. If you prefer a side carry position then a ring sling may be the right type of carrier for you. I’m looking forward to using my Pura Vida ring sling with a newborn at some point as well. I think it would be great for breastfeeding and letting baby sleep laying down! Here’s the one I have.


Thanks for reading! If you want to hear more about my opinions on different baby carriers (and see some in action!) then check out my baby carrier Youtube video  as well!

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