Asahi at 10 Months – Walking Already??

How are we already at 10 months?!

I wanted to start doing some updates (and maybe I will go back and write up some posts that cover previous months…) just so I have some an online record. I already keep a journal but it might be nice to have something on my blog as well! Anyway, enough rambling! Here’s where Asahi is at at 10 months starting with his schedule!

6-6:30AM Wake up for the day

7:30AM Breakfast

8:30-9:00AM  Morning Nap (usually 1 hour 15 mins to 2 hours)

(Usually we do most of our activities in the middle of the day, between 11-2PM)

2:30-3PM Afternoon Nap (anywhere between 30 mins to 1 hour)

5:30PM Dinner

7:00PM Bedtime

Sleep: The ever popular topic among parents and babies alike. Sleep is not necessarily improved or worsened at this point. A good night is around 4 wake ups but it is not uncommon for him to wake up every hour. He has been going through a lot of developmental changes as well as teething/getting sick so some nights are tougher than others. I think at this point I have simply gotten used to the sleep deprivation, which I am actually thankful for!

Developments:  Somehow my child is walking! About two weeks ago he started standing and taking one or two steps. Every day after that he continued to increase his steps and now he can walk a 1-2 meter distance! I am so impressed with how fast he was able to learn this skill! He still uses something (like the couch, chair, etc) to pull himself up and then likes to walk, he can’t yet stand by himself from a sitting position, but I’m sure it isn’t long now!

Another thing he’s been doing is giving (very wet) kisses! He will kiss me if we are cuddling on the couch and also kiss his Papa goodbye in the morning. He recently began giving a goodnight kiss to his bedtime book as well 🙂


Eating: We are still doing baby led weaning with no plans to stop, however, as with sleep, Asahi’s eating is really up and down depending on the week. One week he will eat an entire meal, the next he can’t stay in the high chair for longer than 5 minutes because he wants to play! Some of the foods he has consistently been liking are: cheese, pasta, bread, carrot, tofu, chicken, kabocha (Japanese pumpkin), tomatoes, and plum. He tends to like juicy fruits and colorful foods the most. He still doesn’t really like eggs, rice, or blueberries and will only occasionally eat yogurt. I think he will eat more of those soupy foods once he can use a spoon by himself because he doesn’t like me feeding him much. Mr. Independent over here!

We are still exclusively breastfeeding day and night so I am not too worried about his food intake. My belief is that food before one is just for fun so I’m trying to stay relaxed!

Likes: There are so many! He LOVES taking showers and will play in our shower room forever if I let him. He also loves reading books both with us and by himself. He often pulls all the books off the bookshelf and sits there looking at the pages. So cute! I think it’s because he is learning about sequence (thank you Wonder Weeks app) so it is interesting for him to turn the pages of the book all the way until the end. He also loves his wooden dinosaur cars. But instead of playing with toys he will most often pull himself up on anything and everything (including the garbage can much to my annoyance…) and practice walking from there. He loves going to soft plays and playing with all the new exciting toys.

At the Team Lab Borderless exhibition in Odaiba
Books are always the perfect entertainment!

Dislikes: Asahi has started to develop some pretty strong opinions recently, including throwing his first little tantrums! He doesn’t like it when I take away something he wants, which is a new development. Although, I feel like I can still distract him with something else quite easily.

Social:  Asahi has been much more social this month than previously. He LOVES interacting with people on the train, especially the obachans (they love him too!) He smiles at people in public and doesn’t seem to be afraid as of now. He is also starting to play more with other babies and is especially interested in ones who are walking and bigger than him.

I think that’s about it for this update! My next one will probably be at one year so stay tuned!


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