Twin Pregnancy Third Trimester Update – Giving Birth During Covid 19, Birth Plan Changes, and Preterm Labor (Weeks 29-25)

As I am writing this I am 35 weeks and one day pregnant and I thought it was a good time to write this post as I don't have much time left! 37 weeks is considered full term for a twin pregnancy, and over 50% of twins are born at 36 weeks or before so [...]

The Third Trimester -Full Term and Face Up?! (Weeks 35-38)

So I wanted to do another third trimester update since I am officially 38 weeks pregnant today and I know anything can happen anytime! Overall, there are only a few changes to report in my symptoms but I want to record them anyway! Third Trimester (Weeks 35-38) Physical: I've started to feel more tired in the [...]

The Third Trimester – Nesting, Braxton Hicks, and Running Out of Clothes! (Weeks 27-35)

Hi all! I wanted to do a quick third trimester update for weeks 27-35 because I feel like so much has changed since the second trimester! So let's get into it! Third Trimester (Weeks 27-35) Physical: For the majority of my third trimester I've felt pretty good! I've had almost as much energy as my [...]