Choosing a Maternity Caregiver in Japan

Congratulations! You're pregnant! But you' Japan. Now what? Bringing life into the world is intense enough, let alone doing it outside your home country. If you're anything like me, you turned to Google to help you find a caregiver and you probably got the same result as I did...Aiiku Clinic and Dr. Sakamoto! Although this [...]

Mom and Baby Friendly Hospitals, Maternity Clinics, and Birth Houses in the Tokyo Area

Caregivers in Japan can be quite conservative compared to other countries. When choosing a caregiver, it is important to do your research early in your pregnancy so you know their policies and what options are available to you (particularly surrounding pain relief) before it's too late to make a change. For more info about how [...]

The Third Trimester -Full Term and Face Up?! (Weeks 35-38)

So I wanted to do another third trimester update since I am officially 38 weeks pregnant today and I know anything can happen anytime! Overall, there are only a few changes to report in my symptoms but I want to record them anyway! Third Trimester (Weeks 35-38) Physical: I've started to feel more tired in the [...]

The Third Trimester – Nesting, Braxton Hicks, and Running Out of Clothes! (Weeks 27-35)

Hi all! I wanted to do a quick third trimester update for weeks 27-35 because I feel like so much has changed since the second trimester! So let's get into it! Third Trimester (Weeks 27-35) Physical: For the majority of my third trimester I've felt pretty good! I've had almost as much energy as my [...]