Breastfeeding Preparation Workshop for Pregnant Women

Upcoming Dates:
Friday October 18th and Friday October 25th, 10AM-12PM
Otsuka, Tokyo (specific location details sent via email once you RSVP)

The workshop includes two classes lasting two hours each. Each class covers different topics surrounding the process of breastfeeding (see details below!) We also work together to help you define your own breastfeeding goals and how you will achieve them. This is an interactive workshop, not a lecture. You will get to discuss topics as much with other pregnant women as with me in order to hear different perspectives.

You will walk away from this workshop with a clear understanding of the basics of breastfeeding and what is normal newborn behavior, as well as a plan for how you will deal with any possible conflicts regarding breastfeeding, from an unexpected birth experience to an unsupportive family.

Class 1 Topics:

  • Breastfeeding physiology, the stages of lactation, and the important process of supply and demand
  • Positioning and latching
  • The “Golden Hour” and what to expect directly after birth as well as the days following
  • How to create a “pro-breastfeeding” environment around you

Class 2 Topics:

  • Establishing breastfeeding and signs your baby is getting enough milk
  • Common breastfeeding issues and how to solve them
  • Equipment and supplies related to breastfeeding and do you need them?
  • Defining your breastfeeding goals and how you will reach them to give yourself the best chance at successful breastfeeding!

Fee: ¥4000 per class, paid on the day of the class. If you cannot make one of the classes for whatever reason, you may join the following month to ensure you receive all the content. Max 6 participants.