6 Months with Twins! – Mirai and Taishi’s Baby Update

We made it to 6 months! This year feels as though everything has happened and also nothing has…I can’t believe we’ve had the twins in our life for half a year already.

I think I can finally say we are on somewhat of a schedule (although the two of them are hardly in sync ha!) so here’s what our day generally looks like:

6:30AM – Wake up for the day, diaper change and play while everyone eats breakfast
8-9:30AM – Nap 1 (length can vary a lot)
10AM – Go on a walk outside or to run errands
11:30-1PM – Nap 2
1:30PM – Playtime while I clean etc
3-4PM – Nap 3 (I cook dinner at this time too)
5PM – Bath
5:30PM – Everyone is home to eat dinner
6PM – Bedtime

Of course, not every day looks like this but I would say generally M and T stay awake for around 1.5-2 hours between naps. Mirai will usually stay awake longer than Taishi.


M and T are still working on sitting up and rolling over. They can both sit up with some assistance but are still practicing a bit more before we begin to offer foods. Since we will be doing baby led weaning, it is necessary that they are sitting up quite well before starting. They also aren’t rolling over much, only occasionally from tummy to back, so not much has changed in that regard over the last couple of months.

They are however, doing much better with grasping toys, clothing, and hands. They love to chew on toys and play while sitting in their high chairs. This seems to be their preferred position since they can better see what’s going on around them and manipulate their toys easier. If they are aware they are for the most part sitting in their high chairs!


Sleep is going about as I expected it to go at 6 months of age to be honest. Somehow Taishi seems content still sleeping in his bed with his pacifier and Love to Dream Swaddle. Since they aren’t rolling over yet, it’s still safe to use the swaddle and Dock A Tot. We will see how it goes once we transition out of it! Taishi is consistently on three naps a day of about 1.5 hours each (the third tends to be shorter) and he will easily sleep 6 hour stretches at night. I usually wake him for a feed when I go to bed around 10PM and then one other time during the night if I wake up engorged. He is truly “textbook” when it comes to sleep!

On the other hand, I have Mirai who is much more wakeful. She doesn’t take a pacifier so I soothe her much more throughout the night. Usually it takes about an hour of nursing to get her to sleep in her bed and she wakes up once before I go to bed. By midnight or 1AM she is usually in the bed with me and she will stay there until morning. When she wakes up, I nurse her back to sleep. This is much easier than getting her to sleep in the bed the whole night. It only gets complicated if Taishi wakes up while I am nursing her and I will have to unlatch her and go give him his pacifier back or nurse him. Sometimes she cries because she has to wait and that’s twin life in a nutshell!


Breastfeeding is still going really well for us six months in. I am still breastfeeding frequently since we haven’t started solid foods yet. I try to tandem nurse them as much as possible since it saves so much time, but often enough they don’t want to eat at the same time so I end up breastfeeding one and then the other later when they are hungry. Everyone always advised getting twins on the same schedule ASAP but I will say it’s more difficult than it seems!

I feel like we have really settled in to being a family of 5 by this point! Asahi is much more at peace these days and we are in a more predictable routine. We will see how their relationship changes once the twins are more mobile!

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