Meguro Kumin Center Baby Pool!

Summer is in full swing here in Tokyo and we’ve been fortunate enough to have some (mostly balcony) pool time! However, the other week we went to Meguro Kumin Center to check out their baby pool. The cost is only 100yen for the first two hours and 70yen for every hour after that (sooo cheap!) This swimming center features both a baby pool for kids ages 0-3 and also a kids and adult pool for ages 3 and up.

We went to the baby pool on a weekday and it wasn’t that crowded at all. Although I have heard that on weekends it can be much more crowded. There are several benches under a covered area next to the pool where you can leave your bag, or there are lockers you can use for 100yen (you get it back after you return the key). The pool itself has a shallow end (about 10-15cm deep) where a baby can sit up and a deeper end (about 50cm) where my 7 month old could still stand. There’s also a slide that would be super fun for children who are walking.

We stayed for about an hour in the pool and the babies had so much time splashing and playing with some toys. Depending on the time of day you go you may have some shade in the pool area but if you are there after noon it will be sunny so make sure you have your baby wear a rashguard or lots of suncreen.

Things to note:

  • There isn’t really a place to change baby but you can lie a towel down on the locker room floor. There are also two cribs in the women’s locker room you can use.
  • Tattoos are not allowed so if you have them you will need to cover them with a shirt or bandage.
  • Suncreen OIL is not allowed but sunscreen is okay.
  • Phones are not allowed but you can bring a regular camera to take photos. Thankfully my friend had one so we got some pictures! (see above!)
  • Babies must wear some sort of swim diaper.
  • Babies must be accompanied by an adult and adults can only be responsible for 2 children.

For more information on 2018 pool hours, rules, etc, CLICK HERE

So what should I wear?!

This is my constant question in Japan since I can’t just go in a bikini…most women were wearing either a one piece swim suit, shorts and a bikini top, or bikini bottoms and a rashguard/athletic top/tankini. I personally wore a bikini with an athletic tank top over the top and that was fine.

Overall, it was a great experience and we can’t wait to go back!


Meguro Kumin Center Pool

〒153-0063 Tokyo, Meguro, 目黒2丁目4-36

Telephone: 03-3711-1139



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