Packing My Hospital Bag in Japan // SUGGESTIONS VS REALITY

So it’s official, with a little under 6 weeks to go…I am finally packing my hospital bag! 

So before I begin this post I just want to let you in on a little known secret about hospitals in Japan: you stay for a long time! I think the average length of stay in the US is 1-2 days if you have a vaginal delivery, and in Japan it’s a whopping 3-5 days! That being said, I received a list from my doctor telling me what to pack. Let’s take a look at it:

Hospital Checklist

In case it’s difficult to read, here’s the checklist (minus my written additions):

  • Insurance card
  • Hospital Registration Card
  • 2-3 open front nightwear and 2-3 underwear
  • Toiletries + several bath towels and face towels
  • Pregnancy vouchers
  • Oral medication if you are taking it
  • Cell phone and charger

For in the delivery room:

  • Maternal and Child Health Handbook
  • Slippers
  • 2 face towels
  • 1 open front nightwear and 1 underwear
  • Cup and toothbrush

For baby:

  • Set of going home clothes
  • Swaddling blanket
  • Breastfeeding items such as a pillow, handkerchiefs (burpcloths?), and nursing bra and pads

Now I will ask you, does this seem like a sufficient list for someone who is going to be living at the hospital for 3-5 DAYS after delivery?! 

In my opinion, NO WAY!

To find out what else I am packing in my hospital bag for my delivery at Aiiku Hospital next month, check out my latest Youtube video here!

Hospital Bag Thumbnail

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